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Strategy Tips to change Careers and Job Industry

Career Industry changes are not uncommon and can be done with the right strategy.⁣


🔌Here are some career crossover tips that I’ve used to handle client industry change resumes and cover letters to position them for new industries while leveraging the skills that they have. ⁣

💡😉The benefit in highlighting key crossover skills is to increase marketability for roles that are lateral or higher in scope in new industries. This typically means that you can move into a new industry and reduce the risk in having to hit the reset button on your career by getting your foot in the door with an entry level role.⁣


1. Discover the cross-over skills you currently have.

2.Talk to people who are already doing the job once you've isolated some job change options.

3. Learn the Lingo.

4. Invent your own experience.

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